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Where We've Been

Deals Magazine, founded in early 2011, is the latest addition to a portfolio of businesses unified by technological advancements. Backed by a privately-owned company in business since 1967, our in-house programming expertise and systems infrastructure allows us to anticipate and adapt to customer needs. From a leading Pay Per Click search engine to publications dedicated to advancing internet businesses, our ventures have granted us insight into the evolving online marketplace.

Where We Are Going

Group-buying deal websites offer consumers great savings, but sometimes at the expense of a personalized shopping experience. Deals Magazine subscribers have ultimate control of the deal selection process, through selecting route-specific discounts for stores only within their normal daily travel areas. Our patent-pending software tailors offers to the street level, allows subscribers to search for deals, and only sends email notifications when deals are available within pre-defined areas. A wide variety of continuous deals guarantees subscribers will have on-demand access to the savings they need, from stores they want to visit.

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