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Our subscribers have the highest chance of becoming repeat buyers because they are already going your way.

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Customized Shopping Areas Bring You Highly Targeted New Customers

To view all the prospective buyers in your area, enter your business's street address below. This tool allows you to see how many subscribers have clearly marked your location as one of their most frequented shopping areas.

No Upfront Costs

Deals Magazine asks for no upfront costs. We pay you when a subscriber purchases your deal, but your real return is on loyal, repeat business. To calculate your commission, type in sample deal numbers below.

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Three Ways to Convert New Buyers Into Loyal Ones

A Deal Trio gives you the greatest opportunity to capitalize on a buyer's first three visits. Your business's products, services and quality customer service will keep them coming back long after that.

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New Buyers

We spend upward of $12 to bring you 1 subscriber. We do this by reinvesting half of our commission (25% plus) into targeted customer acquisition in your area.

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Who We Are

Deals Magazine entered the booming and competitive online deal industry with a one-two punch, creating patent-pending software to give you access to buyers you never knew were yours and providing you with three ways to convert new buyers into loyal ones.

What We Do

Deals Magazine protects your business from out-of-area buyers through our Freeloaders' Protection Program. We also protect you through our patent-pending approach that allows you to time-release your promotion over an extended period-your deals, your pace.

How We Can Help

You have the highest potential to gain return clients when subscribers define your location as their frequented shopping area. We also give you access to subscriber demographics and a breakdown of every dollar spent gaining targeted prospects on your behalf.

How It Works

We create a sense of urgency for buyers to purchase your deal within a certain time frame. However, the deal will remain published until all vouchers are purchased. After all, you'll want to reach the new subscribers we continue to get in your area.