Frequently Asked Questions…

Why should I choose Deals Magazine over other deal sites?

Deals Magazine allows subscribers to personalize their deals by customizing their shopping areas. That's great for the subscriber, but what's in it for you?

Glad you asked! Because we only send deals relevant to certain subscribers, you are more likely to turn these buyers into regular customers. Since they have designated your shopping area as a location they often visit, Deals Magazine offers unparalleled convenience and loyalty.

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Who will see my deal?

Your deal will be emailed to Deals Magazine subscribers who have defined your business area as a locale they frequently visit. This feature, unique to Deals Magazine, gives your business the best possible chance of reaching customers you never knew were yours.

Your deal will also be included in our searchable deal base, which allows even more users to find your business.

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When will my deal be featured?

Our account executives will work with you to choose the time that will be the most beneficial to you, us and the subscribers.

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Can I choose when customers can redeem their vouchers?

Yes, our account executives will work with you to ensure vouchers are redeemed at the optimal time for your business.

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How much will running a deal cost me?

Zero, zilch, nada. You offer the deal and we'll pay you (weekly!) when our subscribers purchase your deal.

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What kind of deal should I run?

The kind of deal your business should run is dependent on your business. Our account executives will work with you to create the most beneficial deal for your business.

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Will my deal be emailed to subscribers?

Yes! We time-release your deals in order to control your new business flow. WhereYouShop Big Deals are designed to last months, to be promoted to small groups of subscribers at a time. Your deal will be promoted by itself via email once and could also be included in a 4 deals in 1 email as soon as it goes live!

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How do I get paid?

You can choose to be paid via check or PayPal.

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When do I get paid?

Weekly payments are made based on when a voucher has been redeemed by the customer. Vouchers redeemed by Friday at midnight will be issued on the following Friday. A minimum balance of $5 is required for payout.

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Can I review the deal before it is posted?

Your Account Manager will email you before your deals are created to provide a brief rundown of your deals. Please notify your Account Manager of any changes at this time. Your Account Manager will email you when your deals are live on the website, with a copy of your deals for your records. You'll have 24 hours to make changes to your live deals. However, if any purchases were made, no changes to price or products/services included can be made.

You will be responsible for allowing redemption of this voucher for its original terms and conditions. Changes to price and/or products/services of purchased deals will be created as a brand new deal.

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What happens after my deal runs?

With vouchers in hand, our subscribers are eager to try out your business. This is your opportunity to impress this new customer base with all your business has to offer.

For tips on how to convert our subscribers into loyal customers, click here.

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When will my deal expire?

Deals Magazine deals are ALWAYS ON! Deals only expire to individual subscribers a few days after they open a deal's promotional email from us. That same deal stays open for many months for the rest of our subscriber database, as well as new subscribers coming on board-every day-as long as the deal's address is within their shopping area.

Once a deal expires for individual subscribers, the deal typically defaults to 10% off. Deals Magazine offers, whether online or in print, may be available at 10%, for years to come. Subscribers simply visit their account and look for the deal.

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How do I keep track of redeemed vouchers?

Deals Magazine provides businesses with a user-friendly online dashboard so you can keep track of how many vouchers have been purchased and redeemed.

Not online? No problem! You can also easily validate and mark vouchers as redeemed over the phone by calling 1-888-490-0820.

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Who can I talk to about my deal while it's ongoing?

You will be assigned an in-house Account Manager who will be on hand to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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Can I choose which items are available in the deal?

Absolutely. We just need to work out these details prior to running the deal.

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How does Deals Magazine handle refunds or customer complaints?

Deals Magazine takes pride in offering our subscribers a quality, stress-free experience when redeeming their vouchers. If a customer has a valid complaint about their experience redeeming a voucher, Deals Magazine will credit the subscriber the amount of the deal in Deals Magazine Bucks.

Per our policy, if we have to refund more than one client due to continued complaints, we will withhold these funds for purchased vouchers from the respective vendor's payment. If the vendor would like to contact the client, we will ask the client's permission to give the vendor their contact info.

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What types of businesses does Deals Magazine feature?

Everything from delis to dentists. If you have a deal, we'll sell it.

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Who We Are

Deals Magazine entered the booming and competitive online deal industry with a one-two punch, creating patent-pending software to give you access to buyers you never knew were yours and providing you with three ways to convert new buyers into loyal ones.

What We Do

Deals Magazine protects your business from out-of-area buyers through our Freeloaders' Protection Program. We also protect you through our patent-pending approach that allows you to time-release your promotion over an extended period-your deals, your pace.

How We Can Help

You have the highest potential to gain return clients when subscribers define your location as their frequented shopping area. We also give you access to subscriber demographics and a breakdown of every dollar spent gaining targeted prospects on your behalf.

How It Works

We create a sense of urgency for buyers to purchase your deal within a certain time frame. However, the deal will remain published until all vouchers are purchased. After all, you'll want to reach the new subscribers we continue to get in your area.