How To Be A Gold-Star Deals Magazine Vendor

Deals Magazine is thrilled to partner with businesses seeking new and exciting ways to reach out to their customer base. We are all about community, and it is our mission to help local businesses attract enthusiastic and loyal customers.

To accomplish our mission, we use patent-pending software that allows users to customize their shopping area. This way, they only get deals that are relevant to them. What does that mean for you? Your business can attract customers who live, work, go to school or have other business that requires them to frequent your area. Therefore, our subscribers are more likely to become repeat customers.

We want your partnership with us to be as beneficial and successful as possible. Without you, our business would be a flightless bird, and we don't mean one of the cute ones. Here are a few pointers we've come up with to help ensure your Deals Magazine customers are some of your very best:

Know the Demographics of the Online Coupon Game

Most online deal shoppers tend to be female and somewhere in the 18-35 age range. They are also well-educated and tech-savvy, and they have plenty of disposable income.

Treat Your Deals Magazine Customers Well, and They Will Return the Favor

Because Deals Magazine shoppers are savvy Internet users, they are often active members of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, and they are more likely to share their experiences on review sites like Yelp and Citysearch. This social media prowess makes your average Deals Magazine shopper a potentially valuable customer and fan. Think of it as free advertising.

Offer a Triple Play of Deals for Maximum Impact

Along with your feature Deals Magazine Big Deal, we will also craft two supplementary deals to increase customer traffic and promote customer loyalty. People who purchased your Big Deal will be emailed a Follow-Up Deal to encourage them to return. In addition, you can offer a Search Deal that any subscriber can find and buy using our patent-pending database of deals.

Keep Us in the Loop

We want your Deals Magazine experience to be as successful and uncomplicated as possible. Please alert us to any potential issues or ongoing problems that you might be having relating to your Deals Magazine deal, no matter where you are in the process. We are here to help, and your problems are our problems as well.

Who We Are

Deals Magazine entered the booming and competitive online deal industry with a one-two punch, creating patent-pending software to give you access to buyers you never knew were yours and providing you with three ways to convert new buyers into loyal ones.

What We Do

Deals Magazine protects your business from out-of-area buyers through our Freeloaders' Protection Program. We also protect you through our patent-pending approach that allows you to time-release your promotion over an extended period-your deals, your pace.

How We Can Help

You have the highest potential to gain return clients when subscribers define your location as their frequented shopping area. We also give you access to subscriber demographics and a breakdown of every dollar spent gaining targeted prospects on your behalf.

How It Works

We create a sense of urgency for buyers to purchase your deal within a certain time frame. However, the deal will remain published until all vouchers are purchased. After all, you'll want to reach the new subscribers we continue to get in your area.