Maximize Your Benefits With Deals Magazine

Deals Magazine is better than other deal sites, here's why…

We Use Our Patent-Pending Technology to Acquire Visitors That You Can Easily Convert to Permanent Loyal Clients

Our subscribers use technology to define their specific shopping area, which allows us to offer the highest number of subscribers to vendors, per square mile, in your area of business and increase your traffic fivefold.

Three Deals to Convert With

Deals Magazine is the first of the group-buying companies to offer a Deal Trio aimed to convert new customers into loyal ones. We're also the first of our kind to offer ongoing, searchable deals. Your company can appear in our search results, under specific search terms applicable to your business.

Our Big Deal is a highly discounted offer, used to attract new buyers to your business. This deal is in the 50% off range. Sound familiar? The amount of the discount is where our similarities to other email deal websites end. Our Big Deals only get emailed to users who have specifically defined your location as within their shopping area: places they frequently visit like school, work and home. This second deal will be automatically promoted, via e-mail, to buyers who bought the original promotional deal as an incentive to return. Our system triggers this e-mail promotion around 60 days after the original campaign has started.

Control Your Growth at Your Own Pace

Deals Magazine offers a mutually beneficial relationship between subscribers and vendors-both benefit from our time-release method. We do not overwhelm vendors with traffic, which means better service for subscribers and a better opportunity for vendors to convert new buyers into loyal ones.

We time-release a vendor's deal promotion, over a long period of time, so they don't have to hire extra people (unless they really want to). They don't have to pay overtime, or have to buy extraordinary inventory. They only need to offer a smile to their "First-Time Clients," so they can produce an experience that says, "We're happy you are here. Please come back."

Groupon said, "We only make our money when you sell your deal." We say, "We make money when our vendors become profitable as a result of our long-term efforts."

Example: if your business has 2,000 Deals Magazine shoppers, you can choose to send your deal to 25% of this number one month, another 25% in the next few months and so on, until 100% of your area subscribers have received your deal. Please remember, you can always increase the speed at which the "balance" of your subscribers receives your deal.

There are many factors that can control your company's growth:

  • Offering prospects a large discount, plus our commission, is a large investment to get future clients. Dividing your Big Deal into as many as four campaigns, allows you to get these new clients at your own pace.

  • This new flood of clients requires preparation. Sending your Big Deal out to our subscribers, in increments, ensures that you provide a level of service that converts these new customers into loyal ones.

Increase Sales by Including Existing Clientele in any Money-Making Deal

Our system allows you to add your existing customers to our database of clients who have bought your company's deal, so that they can be part of any automatic or secondary campaigns. At no time will we add your customers to our general mailing list. Their emails are solely to be used to inform them of sustainable deals for your specific company.

We Sell Deals, Not Words

Our team of skilled and experienced copywriters will work with you to create deals and emails marketed to customers in your area. These deals will be sales driven and easy to read while still highlighting your business in a professional and fun manner. Sit back and relax while we write a deal that is sure to sell.

Seize the Highest Number of Buyers in Your Square Mile

Our business model is about total concentration in your business area with an intense effort to recruit subscribers within their shopping area. We put our money where our claims are. We spend more on promotions per square mile in your area than any of our competitors.

See the Exact ROI in Your Business by Viewing Our Promotional Campaigns

Our high-tech dealmaker dashboard, allows you to see statistics showing the gains and dollars we spent generating prospects for your business. Additionally, you can view all the buyers who have declared your address within their shopping area.

Reach Buyers You Never Knew Were Yours

Even if our users don't live in your area, they may have indicated they work, go to school or have other business that requires them to routinely visit your location. These are real customers that will come back.

Invest in a Company You Can Trust

Deals is a company you can trust, owned and managed by the same people running a family of companies since 1967, with internet businesses since 1995.

Get Paid Quickly

Deals Magazine pays weekly. Your cash flow is important to us.


Deals Magazine is getting real deals, not just spa and restaurant deals. The everyday shopper is also looking for dry cleaning, tutors, day care, shoes, a plumber, sporting goods, lawn care. You name it, we want to offer it.

Who We Are

Deals Magazine entered the booming and competitive online deal industry with a one-two punch, creating patent-pending software to give you access to buyers you never knew were yours and providing you with three ways to convert new buyers into loyal ones.

What We Do

Deals Magazine protects your business from out-of-area buyers through our Freeloaders' Protection Program. We also protect you through our patent-pending approach that allows you to time-release your promotion over an extended period-your deals, your pace.

How We Can Help

You have the highest potential to gain return clients when subscribers define your location as their frequented shopping area. We also give you access to subscriber demographics and a breakdown of every dollar spent gaining targeted prospects on your behalf.

How It Works

We create a sense of urgency for buyers to purchase your deal within a certain time frame. However, the deal will remain published until all vouchers are purchased. After all, you'll want to reach the new subscribers we continue to get in your area.