Deals Magazine Media Kit 2012

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The Power of Print

  • Subscribers read to shop, eat and play - they are ready to spend money
  • Hyperlocal editions ensure your deal is distributed to buyers you want to target
  • Zero sticker price means more people are likely to pick up Deals Magazine
  • The savings inside make it more likely people will keep it or share it. Your ad is seen repeatedly

By the Numbers

  • 35,000 - 120,000 magazines distributed with each issue
  • 95,000+ subscribers have opted in to have the magazine mailed to them
  • 14,000+ people subscribe every month in the Chicagoland area

Customer Acquisition

  • Expert SEO, PPC & Social Media - These efforts reach thousands of prospective buyers for you every day for years to come
  • Brand-Name Deals - We purchase these gift cards to engage buyers. This program is our number-one referral generator
  • Mall Kiosks - 41.4% of our subscribers were attained at our mall kiosks located throughout Chicagoland
  • Outdoor Events (Seasonal) - Our strong ties to the community build trust - and sales!
  • Pick & Win - Our Facebook game rewards buyers for referring friends

We'll do the Legwork

  • Green Initiatives - Be green & make green! We plant 20 trees for a subscriber when they refer 10 buyers
  • Shipping - Home delivery at no cost to you!
  • Reader Engagement - Our editorial articles are catered to a subscriber's local market

Deals Magazine Ad Rates

Deals Magazine offers advertising for your budget. Your business will benefit from a highly targeted, motivated consumer group.
AD SIZE Per Thousand All Cities (35,000)
Full Page $ 100.00 $ 3,500.00
Half Page $ 60.00 $ 2,100.00
1/4 Page $ 45.00 $ 1,575.00
1/8 Page $ 30.00 $ 1,050.00
AD SIZE Per Thousand All Cities (35,000)
Inside Front Cover $ 175.00 $ 6,125.00
Inside Back Cover $ 150.00 $ 5,250.00
Back Cover $ 225.00 $ 7,875.00
First 4 Pages - Full-Page Ads $ 150.00 $ 5,250.00

Deals Magazine
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Des Plaines, IL 60018
855-887-SHOP (ex. 7002)

Who We Are

Deals Magazine entered the booming and competitive online deal industry with a one-two punch, creating patent-pending software to give you access to buyers you never knew were yours and providing you with three ways to convert new buyers into loyal ones.

What We Do

Deals Magazine protects your business from out-of-area buyers through our Freeloaders' Protection Program. We also protect you through our patent-pending approach that allows you to time-release your promotion over an extended period-your deals, your pace.

How We Can Help

You have the highest potential to gain return clients when subscribers define your location as their frequented shopping area. We also give you access to subscriber demographics and a breakdown of every dollar spent gaining targeted prospects on your behalf.

How It Works

We create a sense of urgency for buyers to purchase your deal within a certain time frame. However, the deal will remain published until all vouchers are purchased. After all, you'll want to reach the new subscribers we continue to get in your area.